Purple Bee boxes enrich the precious early years of your child's life.

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"Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression".
Research says learning that happens between 0-8 years has a great impact on life outcomes. Purple Bee boxes help in the holistic development of your child. We make your job easy by doing all the planning and research.
We spend hundreds of hours every month to create the box your kids will love and feel excited about. We are happy to share the benefits of our hard work. Just click the button below to get started. Show me what is inside the box

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What our happy purple bee parents say

  • It gets tougher to keep the little ones occupied during holidays. Especially with a no-tv rule. Thanks to a Purple Bee, my little one’s been a busy bee all day.

    Krithika Viswanath, Mom of Prahalad
  • Purple bee is truly a creative venture that creates loads of fun activity crafts for the young minds. I have personally used purple bee and my son enjoys it!! The first time I bought the product I was very surprised and satisfied at the meticulous detail that has gone into packing every craft. Such products definitely make learning fun!!!

    Pavithra Mohan, Mom of Kavish

  • On the whole, this activity set is a big hit with my kids. I love it too because of the varied activities contained in one box and the various skills it develops in kids. So yes.. A big thumbs up.

    Indian Moms Connect

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